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Blues Springs Check Policy
Your personal checks are welcome. If your check is returned, it may be collected electronically and you will be assessed a minimum fee of $25.00 (or the maximum amount allowed by law.) The check writer is also responsible for all other collection costs. ECS (303) 486-0840.
Food Service Nutrikids
The Blue Springs School District has implemented a computerized point system for students called NutriKids. This system will increase efficiency and accuracy as it relates to school lunches. All students have been added into the computerized system and while students may still choose to pay cash, we encourage all parents to take advantage of this new system. Parents can notify the school regarding food allergies and this will appear on the cashier's screen as the student proceeds through the check-out line.
About Our Services
In accordance with our goal to make the Blue Springs School District web site both informative and relevant, we have made available information and resources for students and parents. Below you will find more information concerning some of the more common questions / requests made by parents and students alike. Please contact our central office for services or information not found here.

Transcripts and Records
High school transcripts and immunization records may be obtained by written request only from your school of graduation and/or attendance. Contact Blue Springs High School Counseling Office, 2000 NW Ashton Drive, Blue Springs, MO 64015 (816-229-3459) or Blue Springs South High School Counseling Office, 1200 SE Adams Dairy Parkway, Blue Springs, MO 64014 (816-224-1315). There is a $4.00 fee, per request, for copies of student transcripts or immunizations. Persons who received a GED must contact the Department of Adult Education in Jefferson City, Missouri at 1-573-751-1249. Click here to print off the request form for a transcript.

Indistrict Transfers
All kindergartners and new students must go to their home servicing school to initially enroll prior to applying for an in-district transfer. A special permission transfer is considered a privilege. Cooperation with the school, good student behavior, punctuality and regular attendance are responsibilities of the parents and student. If at any time during the school year these conditions are not met, the permission may be revoked. In-district transfers are approved for a one-year period and must be renewed annually by request with the building principal. In-district approved students may be assigned to a class at their present building in the spring if the parent/guardian intends to renew the status for the following school year. In-district transfer request forms may be obtained at the elementary or middle school building. All transfers are subject to review at any time if circumstances change. Class size is a factor on whether a transfer is approved. By board policy, high school students (grades 9-12) wishing to transfer within the district are required to request a change of site form from their building principal.

Work Permit
State law requires work certificates be issued by the superintendent’s office or his designee for students age 14 and 15. A permit can be obtained at the principal’s office of the student’s school. The certificate must be completed by the student, by student’s parent, and employer, then returned to the principal’s office for approval. The original copy is returned to the employer, one copy is kept in the principal’s office, and one copy is sent to the Department of Labor Standards in Jefferson City, Missouri.