Blue Springs School District Management Services Providing Safe Environments, Quality Transportation, Healthful Lunches and Updated Facilities
     Welcome.  Our staff is committed to providing a safe, caring and efficient services to the students, staff and patrons of the Blue Springs Schools.  We work hard to make it look easy.  There are currently over 150 buses that transport more than 10,000 students to and from school each day.  In addtion, we maintain 25 building sites and provide a safe and appealing place to learn and work.  Our food services department serves to our nearly 14,000 students each day.  For more information about these programs and services you can use the links below. 


RFP   Mangagement Services Departments

Building improvement projects are handled through our Managment Services Department.  As Requests for proposals are developed they will be added below.  Please click on the appropriate link to get more information.  




     *Trade contract 802 draft.             

Department of Public Safety 
Meet our department