The mission of the Liggett Trail Education Center is to provide a safe, individualized, caring, educational environment to address the special needs of students ages three through twenty-one years, encompassing preschool age children who qualify for Early Childhood Special Education or Title I funded services and school age Multi-disabled Special Education students. Emphasis is upon school/parent communication, developmentally appropriate practices, specialized therapies and team approach that allows each student to work toward his or her potential.

Liggett Trail Education Center Handbook 2007-08

For more information you can contact Liggett Trail Education Center at (816) 224-1360. 

Liggett Trail Education Center Early Childhood Program


Liggett Trail Education Center Multi-Disabled Program

The mission of the Early Childhood Program is to provide a nurturing, caring environment which allows children to construct their own knowledge as a result of their interactions with people and their physical environment.  The program addresses the needs of the children through the use of developmentally appropriate practices.  Our mission is to be part of the team of parents, educators and children who give their best so that each child may learn to his or her potential.


The mission of the Multi-disabled Program is to provide highly structured educational services in a safety-conscious, caring, student-centered environment.  With the belief that all students can learn, the program emphasizes dedication to parent/staff communication, development of functional life skills, transition from school to community and encouragement for all children to reach their potential.

  Liggett Trail Early Childhood Supply List 07-08                                                     Liggett Trail Multi-disabled Supply List 07-08